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Alquimi Innovations Launches AlquimiSoft and Karma the Game of Destiny

It's been a long road and there is still much more to do. Karma is going to be a huge surprise for the internet because it is a disruptive technology to gaming on the internet and in the world. It will be a tool, an entertainment and an adventure available whenever you want it at the tip of your fingers. It is a 2D app built in a 3D engine (Unity 3D) designed to entertain you while you meet people using the game to talk to and match with and view and Bucketlist the things you'd like to do from the Ideas listings on the Grid. You can Zap and Hide and see the stats of how people play. You can fill out your JourneyBook so people know what kind of things you like and don't. And because it's a game and not a subscription or membership when all your lives are zapped you have to buy 3 new lives or 1 or 6 or 9. So don't be creepy. This game is going to change the world and make new ones.

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