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Karma the Game of Destiny:
A New Era in Social interaction

Launching ICO 2019


Rene started dating online in 2007 post-divorce and tried a number of sites.  He quickly grew bored and tired of scams (fake profiles, connection requests when you’re on the free plan that evaporate as soon as you upgrade), fraud (people on the site to con daters out of their money), and hearing about predatory activity towards women on the sites, including friends being stalked and having to take their pictures down.


What we do and how we do it

Karma is the ONLY game you need to play to find your soulmate.


Karma evolved from a complex algorithm developed by Rene Reyes and based on extensive research and analysis about how people shop for people.  It takes into account more than 350 characteristics that play into the dating decision-making process across the categories of values, compatibility and intimate preferences.


The Game:

Enter through one of three doors – Values, Compatibility or Intimate Preferences.


Select your Avatar.


Jump straight into the Game and start meeting other Avatars…


To find your soulmates open your Journeybook and answer as many or few questions about yourself as you like relating to Values, Compatibility and Intimate Preferences.  This hones in on people like you and gives others an idea of who you are and what you’re like. 


See instantly the list of your potential soulmates get smaller and watch how you get closer and closer to finding people with Similar Values, Compatible in a vast number of areas and brave enough to share their Intimate Preferences.  Watch how at every move your Algorithm Key changes to show you just how close you are to someone and then…


Get to know your potential soulmates through “truth bomb” questions, astrology matches, game challenges and music sharing.


Zap players who don’t represent themselves truthfully, who don’t play nice, or who just caught you in a bad mood.  But when you zap, you must declare why, even if it’s just because you could and everyone in the community knows how many players you’ve zapped and why.


Stay anonymous as long as you would like by storing your photos, video and any other personal information locked in your safe, until you decide to open your safe to a potential soulmate.


Buy one life for $1.99, six lives for $6.99 or nine lives for $9.99.  Life purchases last up to 30 days, but your Avatar can last for as long as you renew and you can renew at any life package that you’d like. 


The news page always shows the game stats – how many players have connected in person?  How many people have been zapped?  Why are people getting zapped?  How many people have found their soulmates?

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