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Alice’s Fantasy


Part I – The Taker


            Not long after a good breakfast and a sweet kiss goodbye, she, whom I shall refer to as Alice began to clean up the used dishes.  Feeling pangs of desire, knowing that her husband would not be home for some time, she began to drift. 

            Wet with dishwashing soap she reached up to touch the window, which was suddenly becoming less and less transparent as mist began to build up at an incredible rate. Her hand never made contact, there was a ripping sound right behind her, and before she turned, Alice’s hair was locked in the grip of someone.  Against her own silk nightshirt, she could he feel wore no more than a silk loin covering.  A scream about to escape her lips was suddenly muffled by at least three fingers inserted into her mouth pressing down on her tongue.  “I am the Lord of Acquisition; you are now the property of The Dragon.  You will be defiled, trained and given up to The Dragon, Honey to his lips and body.  I am the beginning of your torment.”  As he was speaking, he removed his hand from her hair and was now lifting her nightshirt; his own loin covering was obviously now not covering him as his hard erection pressed against the crack of her now naked ass.  Again the urge to scream was squelched by the fingers in her mouth.  “Turn around. “  He didn’t need to speak; he was turning by her around by her crude muzzle and now feeling her pubic mound.  She felt betrayed by her body when he inserted fingers into her vagina and there was no resistance because she was dripping from the fear.  “You will make no sound and you will be obedient. I can give you pain and that would leave your trainer upset with me, as you would not recover for some days.  You must be made ready for The Dragon by tonight.  Alice’s mind was reeling and she felt helpless.  He released her face and ran his hand, wet her own saliva, down her neck and over her breast stopping to squeeze her nipple; she began to weep.  He smiled.  She tried to move away.  He pulled her back by her nipple and she nearly collapsed.  He grabbed her under his arm and dragged her over to the table.  After sweeping everything off he put her back to the table and spread her legs.  He pushed into her wetness slowly, all the while, smiling with a sinister gleam in his eyes.  He pumped her for, what felt like forever.  And sometime in this forever he had clipped some pulsating devise to her clitoris, and against her will she was exploding with orgasm.  He released her.  She was still panting as he threw her over his shoulder.  There was that sound, like ripping, then the world went white.


Part II – The Trainer


He was an elegant looking man, not bulking like the Lord of Acquisition.  He didn’t even look at her when she was brought in and bound with all of her private parts displayed wide and unmovable.  An attachment to her clitoris still pulsating in small waves made her ever aware of the vulnerable situation she was in.  Then he turned to her; his smile was warm and compassionate.  His touch was even warmer.  “My name is Byron, I will train you.  You will be made Honey for the Dragon and the Day will be complete.” 

He then began to kiss Alice’s inner thigh, slow and deliberate.  And his hands were touching her in so many places and in so many ways, she lost track of the time.  Then she became aware of the release she felt when her bindings were removed. “We don’t have a lot of time, so you shouldn’t waste time with questions that cannot change your circumstances.  But you may ask questions to help you understand the role you are to play for the Day to be complete.”  “But please tell me why you’re doing this to me?” Alice cried.  He looked at her and said only “You must learn to obey.”  Then he reached over and grabbed Alice by the nipple and twisted.  Alice let out a gasp of shock and he let go.  “Let’s try it again.”  Byron said flatly.  Alice, understanding her punishment rephrased her question. “Can you help me to be Honey for the Dragon?”  “Yes, and I shall.” He said.  “Don’t worry; you will go home when the Day is complete.  The Dragon has seen and chosen you, it is a great honor.  You were chosen because of your exotic beauty and a dance on a beach on a night when the Dragon was in your world.  Consider it your destiny to have come here for the Day.”  Alice was only getting more confused.  “After we have something to eat, I will begin your training.” 

A door opened and food was brought into the room.  They ate in silence.  The food was delectable.  There was plenty of wine and Alice found herself with a desire to exit this reality and drank until her bladder felt like it would burst.  “Please Byron may I go pee.” Alice asked, trying to keep a lighthearted smile on her face.  He reached under a nearby table and pulled out a small bucket.  “Here.”  He said as he shoved the bucket towards her.  Having already been naked and defiled, Alice told herself that she should not be feeling this overwhelming humiliation. But as she squatted she found it hard to let go.  Then without warning she felt Byron grab her.  With one hand holding her ass he pressed the other to her stomach.  With a gasp she let go.  When she opened her eyes he was not two inches from her face.  He put his mouth to hers and his hand to her pussy.  She could feel the pee running around his fingers and his tongue was reaching so far into her mouth it felt as though it were choking her.  “There is nothing that I can’t do to you.”   He said as he pulled away.  “Your body is the Dragon’s and when ever you are touched you should respond with a desire to please.  If you are touched between the legs then you should open your legs farther.  If you ass is touched then you will push it back and allow your cheeks to separate and your anus to be probed.  You will drink in the tongue of any that put their mouth to yours.  Beg to be used and you will not be hurt.  You are for this Day a slave to the desires of those you serve as this pleases the Dragon.  And you belong to the Dragon even to the small hairs of your pubis, make no mistake.”  Tears began to well up in Alice’s eyes.  “Get on the bed, on your elbows and knees and show yourself to me.”  Alice did as she was told.  She felt the vibrating device taken away only to be replaced by a fat dildo that Byron inserted so slowly that she became frustrated and started to push back against it.  Then she realized that that was madness and pulled herself off of the dildo and landed face down on the bed.  She wanted to turn but was stopped by Byron’s hand on the back of her neck.  Then with the other he started to spank her ass hard.  She felt the stinging as he repeatedly smacked her ass.  She begged him to stop but he did not, instead he traded to a paddle. “Tell me what you want.” He said.  “I want to be Honey for the Dragon.” She cried.  He stopped in an instant.  He flipped her over grabbing a cheek in each hand and he pulled her wet pussy to his mouth.  She feared that he would bite her and ravage her, he pulled so hard, but when his tongue touched her it was soft as silk.  His lips caressed her clitoris as he sucked on it.  Then his tongue entered her and it felt longer than any tongue she had ever felt.  He went on and on teasing and sucking all the while his hands where firm on her stinging ass.  She knew she would cum, how could she not; her body was overwhelmed with sensations.  And she did over and over again until it became a blur in her mind.


Part III – The Maidens


She didn’t even realize that he had left the room.  All she knew was that it was becoming easier to stop shaking uncontrollably every time there was any shift in her body position. She opened her eyes.  She was soaked in her own sweat.  If she had not been abducted, she would concede to this having been one of the greatest sexual experiences of her life, but rebellion was still stirring inside her and she wondered at escape.

As she was searching the room for a door or window the sound of ripping startled her and she jumped.  Alice was momentarily blinded by a white light in front of her and when she could see again there where two women standing in front of her with a basket of some sort.  “You are to satisfy us.”  “What?” Alice exclaimed.  She had experimented in college but she really wasn’t into women, but then again she wasn’t into being abducted and forced into sexual slavery. There was no answer from these bitches, only a response.  She was beginning to get how it worked.  One of the women was on her in a split second with some kind of martial arts move, and in a moment, the woman had Alice on her stomach again, with her hands behind her back.  The other was forcefully spreading her legs.  “I’ll be good.”  Alice heard herself saying.  But her compliance fell on deaf ears.  She was still being held and the other woman was inserting a greasy finger up her ass.  She remembered what Byron said to her and she lifted her ass as high as she could with the first woman’s weight on her.  It worked and she was instantly released.  She was flipped back over and the two women started to kiss her everywhere.  It was delightful.  They were running their hands all over her and their mouths and tongues were a constant source of pleasure.  As the woman who had held her worked her way down to Alice’s wet and throbbing pussy the other smaller woman, who had the prettiest blond head of hair that Alice had ever seen, spread her legs open above Alice’s face.  She stayed just out of Alice’s reach until Alice showed her willingness and lifted her head to meet the shaved pussy above her.  It was remarkably tasty and Alice found herself wanting to make this woman cum hard.  She reached up and wrapped her arms around the woman’s waist and pulled down as she shoved her tongue into this her slit.  Her own pussy was in bliss, as the woman licking her knew things, that, even the Lord Byron didn’t know.  The women changed their positions and Alice found herself in a 69 position on top of the brunette, whose pussy also tasted remarkably sexy and Alice couldn’t believe how she was attacking it with her mouth and fingers.  The blond was behind Alice and was softly licking her asshole and teasing it.  Alice was pushing and pumping as each of the women commanded with their mouths, and Alice, feeling bold had shoved her spit and pussy wet finger into the ass of the woman she road.  Then another, then another.  She twisted her fingers and shoved harder as the woman beneath her moaned louder and louder and licked at Alice’s pussy more and more frantically.  Meanwhile, the blond also had inserted something into Alice’s ass.  It was getting bigger as it went deeper and Alice let out a gasp of shock as her muscles were spread to beyond that which they were used to.  And then suddenly both her and the brunette came in loud wave after wave.  The blond, removed Alice’s butt plug, rolled her over and kissed her passionately on the mouth.



Part IV – Byron’s Return

She could hear her heart beating and the waves of her breath were like the waves on a beach.  Alice could not contain herself and she smiled at the satisfaction she felt and only wondered at the emptiness of the anger she had been feeling.  But something in her still called of injustice and violation.   Alice lifted her reluctant body up onto her elbows and looked down at her sweaty body.  She was indeed beautiful and should be ravaged as such.  Her body felt limp and she lay back down to stare into space.  This time there was no white light but a knock, then the wall birth a door and it opened.  Byron was holding a basket with sponges and bottles of what looked like oils or perfumes.  He bathed her from her toes to the top of her head.  With little effort he would turn her or spread her to wipe her with the hot wet cloth, handling her like a small child.  When he ran the cloth between her legs she opened herself wide, offering herself to him, to his pleasures or desires.  And she even felt disappointment when he did not pleasure himself with her, but she hoped that he would.  When he was done, he dried her with the softest of towels and wrapped her in layers of silk and then he kissed her on the mouth.  Her mouth opened to meet his, and sucked passionately on the tongue that entered her mouth.  “What was happening to her.” She thought to herself.  She pulled away ever so gently.  He didn’t seem to notice.  Maybe he was pulling away at the same time.  He went over to the wall and took down a flog that hadn’t been there before.  “Stand up, bend over and show me your ass.”  He had noticed.  She did as she was told.  “That’s a good girl Alice.”  Smack! It stung, but it wasn’t that bad.  Smack!  That hurt just a little more and she cringed.  Smack!  She wanted to turn and protect herself.  “I am very proud of you Alice.  You may suck me.”  Immediately she was on her knees.  She pushed his robe to the side and licked his penis bringing her hands up his thighs, finding his scrotum as she opened her mouth to let it be filled with the hardening knob.  She was delighted to be able to give him pleasure and she grabbed the shaft of his penis as she slid her mouth down and up the silky skin.   He was holding the back of her head and slowly fucking her face; she was now holding his butt cheeks in her hands and squeezing them as pumped her.  She could hear herself moaning; she could hear him moaning.  She wanted him to cum down her throat and he did.  His juice was warm and thick and she allowed herself the full experience as she continued to suck as she swallowed.  He was moaning loudly and she could feel her pussy start to release it’s own fluids.  She wanted him to fuck her; She needed it, so she continued to suck wanting him to be hard for her.  She wasn’t disappointed.  He lifted her to the bed and spread her legs with his own legs as he brought his weight down upon her.   He entered her slowly and deliberately.  His breath was warm on her face and he looked deeply into her eyes.  When he had reached the end of his length he pressed his pelvic mound to hers and moved in small circles while holding her ass in his hand.  In and out, his movements were always inciting and she kept responding with her moving hips and wanton moans.  She found herself squeezing and twisting on her nipples just as she was about to cum and heard herself crying out to be fucked harder.  Byron flipped her over pulled her ass up so that she was on her knees and then her rammed his hard penis into her.  Her cries were interrupted every time his body slammed into hers and she pushed to meet every one of those thrusts.  Finally, he came again and she started to shudder in her bliss of satisfaction.  They both fell to the bed in a mound of flesh.  When he spoke she knew that she had pleased him because his voice was lacking the sharp tone and was instead full of warmth.  “I have to get you ready, the time is at hand and I believe that you will be as Honey to the Dragon.” 


Part V – The Dragon


            Alice was again bathed, but this time in a grand room, in a grand tub with many beautiful servants.  They scrubbed her body and covered her in sweet smelling perfumes.  She was dressed in the most beautiful yellow gown and she almost laughed because it looked just like honey with its translucent beads, which flowed like the liquid.  Then the Lord of Acquisition came into the room and Alice began to tremble.  She had almost forgotten her abduction.  His smile let her know that he had not.

            He grabbed her in his usual rough manner and brought her over to an odd looking chair in the middle of a large room.  Her wrist and ankles were set into what looked like two claws.  Though it seemed as though she could remove her wrist simply by lifting them out, when she tried the claws would move closer together and tighten on her.  It was a torture in of itself.  This crude recliner supported her lower back and the back of her thighs so that there was nothing under her ass or crotch and apparently it could also spread her legs so that she was doubly vulnerable.  He was smiling at her again.  It wasn’t, as though he needed to bind her, she would have done anything to please him, she thought to herself.  But when the wall in front of her opened up and a great throne moved forward with a dark figure on it, she knew that it wasn’t for him she had been bound. It was the Dragon.

            In an instant music started from all around.  Beautiful drums and wind instruments played erotic dance music.  A young woman came into the room with no clothes on and began to dance for Alice and her host.  It was lovely and Alice was pleased to have seen it.  By the end of the dance Alice’s host had come into view and the dancer knelt down in front of him. 

He was a man yet he was something else at the same time.  Like a horse he had a great mane and the hair on his chest was a pattern of flight.  His arms and calves had what seemed to be scaled wings.  His penis was large and beautiful to look at.  Alice was beginning to get wet between her legs imagining this animal of a man mount her.

            But that thought was replaced by the dancer inserting that penis into her mouth.  Alice felt a tinge of jealousy.  The woman started moving her head up and down in accord with her ass gyrating and it was such a beautiful sight that Alice forgot her jealousy and again was being turned by the sight.  It especially pleased her when the Dragon would show signs of pleasure in his moans and facial responses.  Alice began gyrations of her own and suddenly felt the chair begin to take on a life of it’s own.  The claws were clenching tighter as finger like objects from the thigh supports began to move towards her genitalia.  Touching her opening like a slick tongue it rubbed her clit while inching its way into her.  She wanted it; she pushed down as far as she could.  It felt so good.  Her host was pulling the girl up from his penis; he turned her around so that she was facing Alice.  As he slowly placed her dripping pussy onto his erect cock and as the girl’s mouth opened Alice let out a cry of satisfaction.  Alice wanted him to fuck her hard.  The girl was a pleasure to watch she writhed and pumped and stared into Alice’s eyes.  The chair feeding her more and now she was beginning to feel another small probe licking at her asshole.  She was climaxing and so was her host’s love slave.  Alice wanted to be the Dragon.  The girls moans made Alice wish that it were her cock bringing these sounds of ecstasy form this girl. The chair pulled out of Alice and allowed her to descend from the peaks that she had gone to.   And the girl had fallen off her master and was now face down on the floor with her ass high in the air.  

            The Dragon dismounted his throne and stood up behind the waiting sacrifice.  The chair wasn’t giving anything to Alice to distract her from this scene and as the dragon inserted his hard erection into the girl’s ass Alice wanted it to be her.  In and out slowly building in speed and strength he used her.  He was moaning loudly and this time it was he who stared into Alice’s eyes.  The love slave was pumping her ass up to meet him and her cries were of pleasure and exhaustion.  Alice could see in her face the need for the Dragon to climax, his body tembled and he did.  And as he let his juice fill the helpless ass of his prey, she exploded in another orgasm, more intense than the first.  Finally he pulled out of her and the girl collapsed to the floor.  The Dragon let out a roar and then collapsed onto his throne panting.

            As they all lay in their respective places the music started again.  The girl turned to her master and licked the length of his shaft.  After he nodded his approval to her she rose and approached Alice.  Alice was trembling again.  The chair was pushing Alice to her feet.  As Alice stood face to face with this girl she understood that there was a deep gratification in her eyes and they each moved forward into a deep kiss.  The girl started to dance Alice by moving her body closely to Alice’s.  She released her and Alice continued to dance on her own; first facing her sister slave then turning to her master.  A smile came to his beautiful lips and Alice was inspired.  Her movements became more provocative.  The other love slave was now on the chair and soon Alice had forgotten she was even present as she focused on her Dragon. 

 Her body was one with the music as she moved from one side of the hall to another.  Occasionally she would see that her host was holding his rod in his massive hands and she knew she was turning him on but that was no longer her motivation.  The music was intoxicating and she was one with her body’s movements and being the music.  Faster and faster until the world around her was a blur, she danced.   Finally, she dropped to one knee directly in front of her master.  She had no idea that she would stop here in this way; it was if he were in control of her and the music or at least in communion. 

His cock was hard and spoke loudly to her loins.  She reached forward to touch him and as her fingers met his skin, he moaned in delight and closed his eyes.  She moved forward and positioned herself to feed on his erection.  She felt powerful as she swallowed his manhood inch by inch and soon she was ferociously mouthing and jerking on his cock.  With a loud moan he came in her mouth.   She drank down his fluid, almost gagging.  But she was diligent and licked every last drop.  His cock was limp in her hands.  She felt great satisfaction.  He reached for her nipple and raised her body up.  He then kissed her mouth while still tightly holding and twisting softly. Her swelling nipple was just ripe when he put it into his mouth.  It felt good to her and she moaned.  His finger was now entering her wet vagina and she found herself siting on his thigh like a little girl sits on her daddy’s lap. 

He ventured back and forth touching her everywhere and occasionally inserted a finger or two into her.  She was getting so hot.  And she could tell by his growing erection that he was getting ready to fuck her and she wanted it.  He grabbed her by the waist and lifted her onto his cock.  As it spread her pussy she thought of him fucking his previous love slave and she wanted to be better.  She squeezed him tighter and tighter and was gratified when he sounded pleased.  Suddenly she exploded in a climax.  Her body lay against his trembling.  His breathing was bliss for her. And she began to get aroused again.  She lifted her pussy off of him and grabbed the shaft of his cock and pressed the head against her asshole.  As she let her body weight down onto him he made sounds that soothed her and it wasn’t as hard to take him in as she might have thought.  Before she realized, she could feel his balls against her pussy.  It was incredible that she was this open and she began to ride him, grinding and squeezing.   He exploded into her much faster than the other girl, and she felt a surge of power.   She continued to squeeze him while he came inside wanting every drop to know the satisfaction of her sweet ass.  She did not take her body off of him and enjoyed feeling his staff getting softer inside of her.  She played with her clit and let him know that she was turned on all the while.

As she lay back on him she thought how far from home she was and of all that had happened.  She opened her eyes and the sight was her own living room.  She was sprawled out on the recliner.  There was a yellow squash pressed against her asshole and her favorite pocket vibrator sliding through her fingers out of her pussy.  It had seemed so real.


Part VI – Alice’s Husband Returns with a new Friend

                Victor returned to find Alice curled up in a blanket on the couch.  He turned to his friend and motioned him to be quiet and have a seat on the recliner.  Victor reach down and lifted Alice off the couch to bring her to the bedroom and before he could react the blanket slid partly off her body to reveal the soft fur between her legs and very erect nipples.  He hurried her to the room and she woke as he laid her down on the bed.  When she saw him she reached up to grab him and gave him a warm, wet, and sensuous kiss.  He smiled down at her while he slid his hand down her body, over her breast and down between her legs.  Her pussy was still wet and he took advantage of the ease of entry and slipped a finger into her.  “Give it to baby” she said quietly.  “I can’t, I brought someone home to meet you and for dinner.  Maybe after; get dressed.” He said as he pushed his finger deeper into her.  He pulled out his finger after she moaned to his liking.  But her pouting frustrated expression made him want to whip out his cock and roll her over and so that’s what he did.  She made sure her ass was up in the air and he just shoved his cock into the sweet little pussy and had his way with her or you might say she had her way with him.  He came fast and she purred like a kitten as she slid back to the mattress.  As he zipped up his pants and she got dressed he told her the story of how this guy had been a friend of his when they were young and they just happened to meet at the gas station.

                When Alice met him her jaw nearly dropped; she saw Lance her collage lover sitting in her living room.  She ran over to him and they embraced just like long lost lovers.  Victor was not amused but said nothing.  Alice told him after how they had been friends in college but Victor didn’t believe her and decided to turn the tables.  While Alice was in the kitchen Victor told Lance that it was a fantasy for both of them to have some threesomes, both ways and that he could tell that Alice was attracted to him.  The plan was that Victor was going to grab her and just rip off her clothes and they could take it from there.  Lance agreed.  “I’m making some strawberry tarts for desert.” Alice said as she walked out of the kitchen.  Victor barely moved and Alice’s blouse was popped open.  He grabbed her small waist and pulled her close.  After planting a long tongue down her throat he told her that she was going to be a good hostess and entertain the guest.  She just nodded.  As he stepped back he took her shirt and ripped it down the center.  She realized that he knew she had lied about the relationship between her and Lance but there was nothing she could do about it now.  She was going to get a good fucking for being a bad girl.  Lance didn’t waste any time he was there feeling her breast and pinching on her erect nipples.  His mouth was hot on her throat.  Victor was taking off his pants; his cock was sprung to attention.  Alice was anxious to suck him.  But it was Lance’s cock that found her mouth first.  She didn’t even remember how she got on all fours, but Lance was pumping her mouth and Victor licking her pussy and ass from behind.  Her orgasm was explosive and she wanted to collapse but she was not allowed.  Lance lay down on the couch and they positioned her onto his cock.  She road him hard trying to make him cum but he wouldn’t let up and then Victor spread her ass cheeks and slid his hard cock into her ass.  Alice started screaming “Fuck me!” louder and louder.  Both men were relentless.  Finally she came again and squeezed orgasms from each man.  They sprawled themselves out over the floor and couch, panting. 




Gwendolyn was taken by Melvin’s forcefulness as he made love to her that night, he was biting and sucking on her hard nipples and she loved every minute of it.  He felt harder and bigger than he had in a while.  She figured it must have been the sight of Ella’s friend Gisela in that dress; it nearly had a sign that said big round tits for sale.  She pushed the thought back because whatever it was, it was good.  His mouth was on hers, she could barely breathe; he was holding the back of her neck and crushing her body into him as he slid his big dick in and out and in.  Whimpers and screams and moans escaped her and grunts and curses came from him.  She was coming close to explosion and begged him to fuck her harder; he did and with a hard thrust they exploded together.


The girls giggled at the sounds coming from down the hall; they knew all too well what was going on.  Gisela pushed Ella back onto the bed and pretended to be the man as Ella opened her legs and begged Gisela to fuck her with that “big dick”.  They giggled some more until suddenly a deep moan escaped Ella and she blushed when Gisela’s thigh rubbed her sensitive place and Ella felt that rush she only feels when she’s alone with her hands and dreams of the prince.  Gisela apologized, and whispered.  “Ella, do you ever touch yourself and make yourself feel like you’re making love to a man”.   Ella didn’t mind playing with Gisela and even taking about sex but this somehow seemed more personal and furthermore she was now beginning to smell her own wetness; it was getting a little hot in here.  “No”, Ella lied.  “I do.” Gisela replied.  “But I also do it when I think about sleeping here with you.  Please don’t be angry with me, but I think about touching you and making you explode.  Ella smiled at her best friend then leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth.  “It’s O.K. Gisela I don’t mind if you like me that way, it’ll be our secret.”  They lay down and Ella let her friend touch and kiss her, it felt good and she truly loved Gisela and wanted her to be happy even though she knew that what she wanted were the strong hands of the Prince to sweep her up and take her to his room and make passionate love to her.  When she came back into her physical body Gisela was licking her between the legs and though she felt uncomfortable at not realizing this had been going on she was on the verge of exploding and she did as she pulled Gisela’s face into her crotch. 


They fell asleep in each other’s arms, the best of friends.



--------------------------------------< . >----------------------------------------



It was the middle of the day, and the sun made the late winter day feel warm.  The snow had already begun to melt and the soldiers where in a good mood.  “You’d better not be cheating” the guard captain said to his subordinate, “I’ll make you do night duty for the month’.   They’d been playing dice for hours in the small border cabin and the captain had not won a single game.  “No, I am just the luckiest man in the King’s Guard.”  The captain was losing his patience but really couldn’t figure out if the man was cheating or not. 


The sounds of horses pulling a carriage could be heard in the distance; the men all acted as one and attended their posts, the lucky guard was up for questioning the passengers, which usually meant a tip.


“Stop the coach!” The captain shouts to the driver as he holds his spear into the air.  As the coach stops and the horses kick up clouds of dust the Lucky guard looks inside to behold three gorgeous women.  As he scans the women’s tight waists and intense eyes he hears the Captain as if in the distance, “Come down and give me your traveling papers!”


The Lucky guard is feeling his luck today for sure as he looks to the elder woman, “Do you have family in the city madam?”


“Not any, young and handsome officer.  It is just my daughters and I looking to make a new life here in your beautiful Kingdom.” Her voice has authority yet it’s seductive at the same time. “Yes ma’am.  Are you carrying any valuables or spirits?”


She doesn’t answer his question but says, “Listen; let’s not beat around the bush.  You and your buddies would love to have your way with us wouldn’t you? 


The Guard’s jaw drops and his eyes begin to gleam.


Her condescending tone has turned somehow playful and lustful; her hand has pulled up on the dress of the younger woman sitting next to her to reveal the skin above her ankle and she slithers out, “I’ll take that as a yes.   Tell your friends to take off all their armor and do to us what pleases you so we can get on our way.”


The five guards took turns with the women for the rest of the afternoon; sometimes 2 of them took one women and sometimes even 3 men were filling one of the daughters with their hard cocks and fingers.  Lady Tremaine, the vivacious mother of the girls, took to the Captain and they licked and sucked on each other pretty exclusively except at one point when the captain wanted her to be held down while he entered her rear channel. 


The Lucky guard was especially lucky that day as his hard on raged on long enough to feel every hole in both daughters twice over before he exploded in the mouth of the voluptuous one.  But lucky as he was there was no mistake these women of class out fucked any whore he’d ever had.  It was a lucky day indeed.  The last guard fucking was Jard who had already cum 3 times but because his cock was so large the skinny daughter kept sucking him to make him hard and then would ride him like a stallion no matter what else was being done to her.  He was panting and his mates had a good laugh when he complained that she was going to kill him.  The vixen would have stayed with the men had her mother not slapped her when she felt the men had had enough of a “tip”.




--------------------------------------< . >----------------------------------------




The licking and slurping sounds could be heard outside the door.  Melvin had made his wife dripping wet.  The sex was as good as good as ever and Melvin was hoping to get a little more adventure from Gwendolyn than usual. “Come on honey, I lick you all the time, why can’t you suck me just once.” 


 “It’s not very lady like Melvin, I’m sorry; you don’t have to lick me if you don’t want to, we don’t even have to have sex.” Her bitchyness was at the surface and Melvin didn’t want to be left without relief but gambled, “No it’s O.K. my love, but how about letting me enter you from behind.”  And with that, he lost.


“Stop Melvin, you have just ruined the feeling for me, you know I don’t approve of that type of sexual behavior.”  She almost felt sorry for him.  She thought to herself how wonderful it would be if he just stopped asking and held her down and took what he wanted, when he wanted.


As Gwendolyn gets up and walks over to the dresser to brush her hair, Melvin lies back on the bed and holds his raging hard on.  He looks at her beautiful figure and her wonderful ass.  The thought of spreading her ass cheeks apart and forcing his way into that delicious taboo was making him throb.


He gets up and moves purposefully over to her and pushes her head down to the dresser.  Her pleas fall on deaf ears as he rams his cock into her pussy from behind. Then after pumping her for a while he slides his cock out and pushes the head of it into her tight forbidden area.  She cries out “Melvin!”  - “Melvin, please.” And after some deep and guttural grunts as he slowly works his member into her, she turns to look at him with wanton eyes and says, “Oh, Melvin that feels so good.” She cries out again, as he shoves it completely inside of her tight hole. - “Melvin…, Melvin, don’t just lay there daydreaming, please go to the kitchen and get me something to eat, I’m hungry.”


Melvin gets out of the bed.  “One of these days.” He thinks to himself. “I love you my darling.” Comes from his lips.




--------------------------------------< . >----------------------------------------




As he walks down the hall to the servant’s quarters, Melvin quietly opens the door to his daughter’s room to check in on her.  She appears to be having a disturbing dream so he walks over to her to sooth her and kisses her on the forehead.  In a violent thrash she pushes the covers to the side.  Melvin shocked by her beautiful figure, her hips, her thighs, her… Her house dress has risen up around her waist and her soft bush is completely exposed.  He fumbles to cover her.  As he pulls the blankets up and over her he pauses and finds himself staring at the area between her legs.  She is sweaty and he can smell the fragrance of her sex.  He blushes at his wantonness and quickly covers her.  Melvin heads quickly for the door and straight to his private study with his heart pounding in his chest.  He sits in his plush chair and squeezes and jerks on his cock as he sooths himself with thoughts of fucking his wife’s ass, careful to keep any thoughts of Ella far from his mind.  Finally, he groans loudly as he ejects his load into the air and it splashes on the cold stone floor. 


Afterward he heads to the kitchen and has the servants make something for Gwendolyn, who is upset and says that it shouldn’t have taken so long.  As they go to sleep he finds himself comforted with memories of Ella as a small girl, innocent and precious to him.  He falls asleep, smiling at easier days.


The next day while at the local pub Sir Melvin confides in Stewart his long time friend and confidant.


Stewart’s face is incredulous as he replies, “Why don’t you just tell her to give it up like a good wife should.  She is just too beautiful not have your way with Melvin.”


 “You don’t need to tell me.’ Melvin says with the look of tamed puppy, “ I have never met a kinder gentler, more beautiful woman.  She is so dear to everyone and especially me.  I guess it’s just a trade sometimes,… viciously sinful or virtuously saintly.” He smiles a wry smile to his friend and then says, “But I love her so much that I don’t want to offend her; I want her to give herself completely to me.”


Stewart explodes and slams his beer down on the table “But it’s been 17 years!”


Melvin quiets his friend with a hand on his shoulder and leans in close, “I know, and you want to know what’s making it worse.  I am beginning to feel sexually aroused whenever Ella is around.  I feel like I may lose control one day and sleep with my daughter.  I am going mad.  I would give anything just to fuck Gwendolyn in the ass just once and know that she wanted and enjoyed it.  That’s all, and I would be a happy man.”


Unbeknownst to Melvin and Stewart, the Sheriff had stopped talking to his deputies and had been listening to the arousing conversation.  On the one hand he felt sorry for Melvin and on the other Gwendolyn may be just what he had been looking for.


The Sheriff quietly says to his Deputy, “Bring the tax governor here to the Inn and have him demand to audit Sir Melvin of the house Hardwenkle.”


Music and laughter are high when the Tax Governor and assistant arrive.  The raucous quickly dies and Melvin is taken into custody claiming that he has faithfully paid his due taxes.  The Sheriff is polite and assures Melvin that it must all be in error as they bring him to his home to begin the audit.  Sir Melvin knows audits never go well and rarely is anyone not sent to prison.


--------------------------------------< . >----------------------------------------



After looking through books of house the tax governor and the Sheriff speak and the family is unable to hear what they are saying but all are sure that their possessions will be taken and Melvin will be taken to prison.


Ella is weeping in her father’s arms and Gwendolyn is red with anger.  She couldn’t believe that her husband would be so careless.  Though she is enraged she looks at the Sheriff and wonders at his manliness and his power.  Her eyes look at his bulge.  He notices her gaze and he walks over to her and kisses her in the mouth in front of everyone without caring.  His hands roughly feel her body and soft moans escape her.  She nearly collapses as his large hand travels down to her pussy and presses her softness.  Her soft moaning becomes a loud groan.  


Melvin leans over to try to comfort her as the Sheriff walks over to them, she reels from the images that just engulfed her thoughts, while Melvin feels badly that she is so afraid and he is helpless to do anything.


The Sheriff speaks to Melvin as if to a long time friend “You appear to owe the kingdom a great deal more than you have in your possession to give.  But I am feeling generous in light of these beautiful women and I will completely cancel your debt for your daughter.


Melvin believing that he was on his way to prison without so much as a hearing from the court begins sobbing “I can assure you that Ella has no experience in pleasing a great man such as yourself.  She is skinny and unattractive nude not a worthy of such a noble man.  Yet she is my only true treasure please do not take her from me.  I will pay all I have and work until I have satisfied your wishes sir.


The Sheriff leans down to rest his hand on the shoulder of this unsuspecting victim, “Well you are certainly trying my mercy.  I will take your wife and 100,000 gold pieces then.  That will not push you from your rank or the Court of the King and your debt to me will be paid.  And believe me this is a great favor I do for you.  Do you have a problem with that?”


Melvin watches the Sheriff slowly begin to draw his sword and one of the deputies begin to move towards him “N-No, sir.” Melvin hears himself say.


Melvin felt crushed for he truly loved his wife; he did not realize that the Sheriff would want her.   He truly expected the Sheriff would take his daughter anyway.


Gwendolyn had been wet from her fantasy of the Sheriff, but that was just a fantasy.  Now she was white with the fear of this dreaded man taking her and having her as his property.  She could not utter a word.  She had always been noble and now she was a piece of jewelry or worse, a rag to be tossed aside when done with.  But she began to comfort herself with the knowledge that her daughter would be safe and her husband would not go to jail.  Then she and her daughter would have been vulnerable to the whims of likes of the Sheriff and his men anyway.  Though somehow she actually began to feel grateful to the Sheriff for the kindness he had shown her family, she began to suspect Melvin would not have held back funds from the king for he was a good man with a fine son Ella’s age.  She had always imagined Ella going to a ball at the Palace and being noticed by the prince.  At least she would still have her adolescence and a chance at doing it one day.  This had to be some sort of trickery on the part of the Sheriff but there was nothing she could think to do.


The Sheriff had a special thing for prude and beautiful women; he didn’t even like young girls, who he felt had no good experience to be pleasured by.  He believed that behind every prude stuck-up noblewoman was a tiger wanting to be released, waiting to be broken.  And this one sounded too good to be true and each moment she was near him he was feeling that he had truly found a treasure to corrupt.  He knew exactly what he had just done and would split the gold pieces with tax governor who also knew this game that the Sheriff liked to play.   He was going to enjoy Gwendolyn; she was stunningly more beautiful than any of his other wives.  And he could tell that the challenge was going to be worth every moment.  As they departed his cock was growing hard in the anticipation of what he was going to do to her.  It was going to be very slow.


Gwendolyn had expected to be taken by this powerful man as soon as they’d reached his home and was wet with fear.  However, other plans had been made for her and she was tied naked to a chair and made to watch while the Sheriff’s other wives pleased him.  They did anything and everything he demanded; they even begged for it like whores.  She knew she would never do such a thing no matter how he tortured her.   Days went by and the same thing was done to her over and over.  He would not speak to her yet he would so love the other whores.  They would fuck and make love then sleep in a great mass while Gwendolyn would watch and was left all alone on her throne.  Even the wives loved each other and were compassionate with each other.  Gwendolyn was repulsed and thought fondly of her husband and often imagined him doing all these things she witnessed to her and sometimes she would explode quietly so that her private performers could not hear.  She thanked the gods that her daughter had not been subjected to this cruel perversion for she was as strong, too much like her weak father who never did half of these things to her that these women seemed to love so much.  Days turned to weeks and weeks dragged on. Gwendolyn had begun weeping and sobbing at the end of all the lovemaking for no one would pay attention to her; no one demanded any thing from her and no one would hold or kiss her. 


One day during the lovemaking, in the mist of the grunting, the moaning and whimpers, she heard some small pathetic voice, “Please.” Then again, “Sir, please fuck me.”  Who was this new person in the room she could not see and did not recognize the voice of?  The Sheriff got off the bed and walked right over to her.  As he did she realized that the voice had been her own and she felt glee as he approached.  Would he shove his massive penis into he wanton month; she would suck him like none of these bitches could.  Would he just bend her over and fuck her and if so se would beg for him to do it harder or even to stick it in her tight ass.  “Smack!”, came the slap upon her face.   The raged burned and Gwendolyn screamed.  “How dare you treat me this way, I am a lady of the Court!” “Smack!” He slapped the other cheek.  Gwendolyn began to cry.  He turned and walked away leaving the room.  


“Did you think you were better than us.” the Sheriff’s red hair wife sauntered over, her hips and breasts swaying as she moved like a lioness to come right up to Gwendolyn’s burning face.  “We are not whores or tramps that you could dare ask for the love of our husband without our approval.” “What?” came from Gwendolyn’s mouth?  She was having trouble comprehending the subtle politics of this orgy.   “Our master trusts us and we trust him.” Came from the dark haired one with the beautiful lips, lips she had watched kiss the private parts of the other wives on many occasion and wanted them on her body and her own mouth.  Her words did not have the same bite that the red head’s did.  Then the chubby blonde came to her and as she nudged the redhead she pushed the hair off of Gwendolyn’s face and kissed her softly on the mouth.  


At first Gwendolyn resisted but then was overtaken by the softness and love that beckoned her to open her lips and offer her tongue to this kind and beautiful women.  As she pulled away she looked deep into Gwendolyn’s eyes, “If you want to love our husband you must first love us and we must love you also.”  Tears began to roll down Gwendolyn’s face because it was the first time she had been touched in months and she had no idea of the depth or power of the love that she had felt for this woman until she had blessing of her touch.  She was reeling in the awe of sensation when the dark haired woman released her bonds and embraced Gwendolyn in the hug that was to make her heart stop and flutter and the kiss that she dreamed about night after night.  Gwendolyn began to sob with joy, a joy that was rocked like lighting hitting an unsuspecting tree and slamming it to pieces.  The red head huffed and turned to walk away.   Gwendolyn cried out “Please don’t go.  Please I can change; I can be good for you.”




--------------------------------------< . >----------------------------------------




Lady Tremaine was frustrated; she was ready to throw something at these little bitches.  She heard them in the room all night.  They were at it from after dinner through the whole night and still sliding fruit and vegetables in and out of every hole in their bodies.  They were acting as though it was something new that they had never done before.  Lady Tremaine needed a man and these two whores for daughters were content between themselves.  She was the only one of the bunch with a head on her shoulders.  They were lucky they had her.


She thought about Melvin Hardwenkle.  He was ripe.  She could get close to the King and those stupid fuck toys could get close to the Prince.  Yes Melvin would be her Puppy.  Everyone knew the Sheriff had something over him but she was tickled to have just found out that he was victim of such…, … such desire that the Sheriff had for breaking proud woman.  Gossip was such a valuable tool to her; so easy and of such enormous value to one who new how to wield it.  It was her sword, among the other things that she wielded so well.  Lady Tremaine knew that if she had a dick she would use that too and would love to be so bold.  No pussy or ass would be safe.   She giggled.  The thought made her feel all better.


“You girls need to get ready.” She shouted to the girls.  Her smile grew wider.  She was getting wet.  “Darling daughters, we have a vibration on the web and a house call to make.”  She was leaning in the doorway; each of the girls had a fat cucumber in their slippery cunts.  The poor things, she thought “Come, come now girls it’s time to move up in the world.  Mommy has a plan.” “Yes Mother” came there sing song response.




--------------------------------------< . >----------------------------------------




“Boom” his fist cam down on the table.  Everyone in the room jumped back at least a foot or two from the King.  He was seething.  The messenger trembled.  The curtains seemed to be swaying from the explosion of the King’s fist to the large wooden table.  Prince Tristan felt it should have broken in two and sneered at no one in particular.  There were very few things that upset the King but this was about the Ball.  His son’s Ball.  There would be no excuses.  When the King said, “…every single and available woman for his son to gaze upon of this Court and every Court of the nearby Kingdoms...” he meant it.  And that meant even if they were at war with one.  That however was not the case.  They were at war with no one and there was peace for many generations, but the politics were making the King just about ready to declare one on his neighbor to the North.  He had taken the melting snows into account but they wanted to wait until after the ground was hard and dry to travel.  He would push the Ball back to the middle of Spring but he was not happy, not happy at all.


He motioned for his personal servant to come close. “Go tell my wife, the Queen, that I will come to her shortly; tell her that I have no time for foreplay and that it’s going to be hard and rough.  Tell her to be ready.” When he said “ready” the word came out slow and very deliberate.  The servant bowed and moved swiftly out of site.


As soon as her Husband’s servant left the room the Queen snapped a finger.  The woman bowed, left and mere moment’s later 3 flawless angels walked in and began to disrobe the Queen.  The girls wore nothing, they concealed nothing.   A man would kill for any of them.  Each different, each a dream.  The Queen gave no command, but the girls did not stop with her clothes.  They began to caress and kiss the now naked queen.  They lowered her to the pillows nearby.  They touched and blew warm air from their mouths on to her.  They teased her moistening pussy.  They spread her ass and made her bud wet with saliva.  The Queen moaned.  She grabbed the head of the girl nearest her pussy and forced the girl to lick her.  It wasn’t enough so she flipped the girl to her back and rode her face and mouth.  The girls adjusted and were kissing and licking her everywhere.  As the Queen rode the girl one of the other shoved her own hands into herself and then would use her wetness to lubricate the Queens tight sphincter.  The Queen was close to cumming; the fingers in her ass were doing it.  She wanted to explode.


“Did I tell you to cum?”  His Highness was calm but his energy was crackling.  The girls that could, moved away from the Queen.  The girl under her could make no such move.  The Queen stopped writhing on her and moved off.  “My Husband I was only getting close so that I could cum when you shoved your cock into me and you’d feel me clamp down on your beautiful scepter.”  Her smile was sly but her smell was making him too soft in the knees to punish her.  He knew she was lying.  She loved fucking these little muses and used every excuse to do so.


He gave a glance to one of the girls and she crawled to him.  She rubbed his leg and crotch.  His cock was hard; there were no doubts and the young girl was wanton to put it in her mouth.  The Queen watched her Lion Man release his deep breath as the young girl found and began to lick and swallow him.  The other two girls had also moved to the King and began to caress and undress him the way they had done the queen.  The Queen kept his gaze.  They peered at each other to the soul.  His chest heaved and released another deep and satisfying breath.  She responded and did the same with a small moan and then she bit on her lower lip.  Despite her “getting ready for him” she was still perfect.  Her hair had barely a hair out of order.  Her lipstick was still red and perfectly edged around her lips.  “Touch yourself.” His voice was deep with passion and the Queen began to touch the smooth skin of her body.  Her silky finger ran over her nipples and down her belly to her inner thighs.  She teased herself.  He liked it.  Whatever was going on; it was just them.  Their love consumed the room.  The girls were high on it. But the royal couple existed outside of time and space.  They entwined in the ecstasy and bliss of their union.  His eyes moved from hers to the bench and then back to hers.  She rose went over and stroked the ornate piece of furniture whose function was solely a prop for incendiary sex.  The Queen bent over and her ass cheeks spread revealing her openings.  The King pushed the girls aside and walked over to his waiting sacrifice.  His dick was hard and wet with saliva.  There was no pause as he came up behind her.  With his last step his royal scepter spread her pussy open.  He was true to his word and his thrusts were brutal.   His only pause was to take it out of her pussy and bury it to the hilt in her ass.  She wailed, cried, screamed and uttered profanity.  When he exploded in her backside she turned to him as he drained himself inside of her and uttered that she loved him.   Her body was his, her heart was his, she was his Queen and he her King.  The girls washed them with warm clothes.  They kissed their bodies and poured oils upon them.




The Prince was walking in the garden and thinking about all the pretty girls that would be coming to his Ball.  He would be able to taste so many of the tasty morsels in the 10 days of festivities.  Meals would be served nonstop.  Dancing would go on from morning till night.   As he rounded the tall rose bushes he saw the Master Gardener and his young blossoming daughter.  The Prince would look at her sometimes and think to himself that she surely was one of the prettiest flowers in the King’s Garden.  They smiled at the Prince and bowed.  The Prince noticed the bud of the young girl’s nipple as she leaned forward and her blouse yielded to gravity.  He thought about sucking that nipple.  He made them stay in the bow for a few more moments than usual before releasing them to imagine the softness of her flesh.  He released them.  They casually turned back to what they were doing and the Prince looked at the perfect curve of her ass in her delicate garment.  He knew that when she was ready he would taste her too.   No need to eat the fruit too green, he mused to himself.  He would have her when she was ready indeed.








Melvin was a giddy boy.  It was evident that Lady Tremaine was a Master of Seduction.  He fumbled and the girls giggled.  Ella was not amused at her father’s drool over this woman and didn’t like these girls one bit.  She had to admit they were beautiful but they were as smart as having sex on a bee’s hive.  And they were treating her like a servant in her own home.   She didn’t like these people at all. 


After feeding these women Melvin felt compelled to accompany them home.  He didn’t return for 3 days.  When he finally returned Ella tried to speak to him about it but he was in a stupor of infatuation obviously having gotten to taste that awful woman’s flesh.  She didn’t begrudge him but she did her best to try to get him to understand her feelings, anyway.  He said he would think about it and slow things down a bit.


He spoke to Lady Tremaine about Ella next time he happened to stop by the vixen’s home and she told him that she understood perfectly and assured him that she was in no rush.  She told him that she just wanted to enjoy him and loved to have sex with him.  She told him that she’d never done some of the things they had done like sucking a man.  He had enjoyed it very much as well and his prude of a wife would never have done such a thing.  “Bitch” he thought to himself.  He missed her though and it was a real source of his current low esteem. 


Lady Tremaine was stroking him and whispering something in his ear.  Thoughts of his wife; ex-wife vanished.  “Did she just say she wanted to feel my cock in her ass?” Melvin’s heart started racing.  “I’ve never done it and I want to try it with you Melvin.” Lady Tremaine dripped from her lips.   Melvin was ready to shoot his load.  He wasn’t going to make it to her ass.  Shit.  Fuck.  He needed to concentrate and she had deftly reached his organ and she was stroking sooo good.  His hot sperm sputtered and oozed out over her hand.  He was humiliated. He was about to apologize when she began sucking the cum from her fingers.  His eyes went wide.  She moved down and began to lick and drink up every drop she could find.  When she appeared done she took his soft cock into her mouth and twirled it around her tongue and Melvin’s shame evaporated.  He didn’t even remember when he grabbed her head.  He didn’t remember when her sweet oral pleasure became the face fucking that was now happening; she was choking and gagging and swallowing his now rock hard cock.  This bitch was good and he was indeed going to fuck this ass.  He threw her over onto her back and he raised her big wide ass into the air by pushing her legs back over her head.  He pushed and she took it right in.  “O my, it’s so big.” She said.   Melvin was lost.  He started to slam her so hard that the massive chaise lounge began moving.  Her cries were incoherent.   He fucked her ass in 10 different positions and longer than he had ever fucked any pussy in his whole life.  When he finally shot his load the sun was low on the horizon and the birds were singing their morning song.  Lady Tremaine smiled to herself.  She loved a good fuck and there was nothing like it to make a man yours.




--------------------------------------< . >----------------------------------------




Ella was lost in thoughts of the Prince.  She didn’t care about their new house guests.  The sisters were in the guest suite while her father was on weekend holiday with Lady Tremaine.  She had been repulsed and didn’t even give him a kiss goodbye when he told her.  Thinking about the Ball and the Prince was her heavenly diversion.  She was in the bliss of dreaming of happily ever after to escape this new unwanted reality.  Her hands ran softly down her breast.  She was making little circles around her nipple when the Bitches, Drizila and Anastasia walked in. 


“Get the hell out of my room!” Ella screamed.  Wham, came the punch to her stomach.  Drizila was stronger than she thought possible.  Ella buckled over.  They pushed her down.  In an instant they were all over her.  The two bit and ripped at Ella’s clothes like wolves on a kill.  Ella was naked.  She was being probed, kissed, licked and smacked.  Ella fought back but was no match for one of these girls, let alone both of them.  They were taking turns licking her private area as she cried for them to stop.   Her ass was finally beginning to relax around the fingers they shoved into her and her breathing was getting deeper.   She was feeling a buildup like she never had and she began to buck like a bull against the face of one of her assailants.


Ella’s release could be heard throughout the house, but no one was there except the three young women.


She lay there; a heap of sweaty used sex toy.  The girls were making out and giggling.  Then they started mashing their pussies against each other and after the girls climaxed they left Ella and went back to their room.  Ella didn’t move.  The night came and went and the next morning Ella went downstairs to eat.


Lady Tremaine was there with some people.  A woman started crying when she saw Ella.  Ella didn’t understand and wondered where her father was.  If Lady Tremaine was there then her father should be close by.  She didn’t know how she was going to tell him what happened.  She was trembling now.


Before Ella got to the bottom of the stairs, Lady Tremaine made her way over and put her hand on Ella’s shoulder.  “Your father is dead.  He had an accident right after we were married yesterday.”  Lady Tremaine showed no emotion; Ella collapsed to the floor and Lady Tremaine walked back over to her guest to usher them out.


“Married?” “Dead?” Ella wept with these words spinning in her head.




--------------------------------------< . >----------------------------------------




The garden shed seemed desolate but the faint whispers rose up like the wind moving the tall grasses.  “Touch it”, the young man’s voice slithered.  His cock was just inches from the young woman’s face.  It was bouncier than she would have expected.  So she wrapped her hand around it just stop the bouncing.  “Put your mouth on it; lick it.” The snake’s voice was full of desire and it was so mesmerizing.   She wondered if it even had a flavor and still holding it she put her mouth onto it.  She licked it.  It was kind of salty and perfumee.   His hand grabbed the back of her head and he shoved his cock to the back of her throat.  He held it there pushing as if to make her swallow the whole thing.  She tried and choked.  He released her and the spit poured from her mouth in large amounts.  She wiped her mouth and glanced up to her mouth fucker.  “I am sorry your Highness, I didn’t mean to choke, I will try harder.”  “It’s perfectly all right; I am ready for something else from you.” “Of course Highness, but my father checks me to see if I’ve been with men.”  “Don’t fret I also want you to remain a virgin until you are more ripe, but until then you will share your mouth and ass with me whenever I want it or you and your father will lose your position here at the palace.” “Yes Highness, but I am afraid it will hurt.”


He didn’t answer her.  He lifted her by the hair and then turned her around.  Her dress was up on her back and he pulled her panties down just enough to expose her holes to him.  Her pussy was dripping and he was more than tempted but instead lathered his cock with her juices then used his wet fingers to open her bud.  Her whimpering was like music to him and he replaced his fingers with his hard cock.  First the head disappeared and the shaft of his probe slid in slowly.  She was biting down on the handle of some garden implement when he looked up from the glorious site.  “Good girl.” He thought to himself and looked back down at the small, tight asshole suck in his member.  He couldn’t contain himself and began to moan, shake and swear.  It was over all too fast.  His softening flesh slid out as his cum dripped from her ass down her leg. 


The Prince gathered himself and walked out of the shed refreshed and exhilarated but a little disappointed that he didn’t last very long.  He decided he would just have to try it again later after he had eaten something.  The girl was still bent over as he walked down the garden path; her dress still on her back and her panties now down around her ankles.




--------------------------------------< . >----------------------------------------




Ella’s walk through the woods was no ordinary walk.  She was furious, sad, longing and full of a sparrow’s flight of emotion.  She prayed dearly to the good spirits, she cried sad tears at the loss of her father and at the rumors of her mother’s fate with the Sheriff.  She walk for hours but she finally went back home, not having any place else to go, she knew her nightmares were only beginning. 


And even though she was entering world of torment something in the woods was conspiring.  Her tears had fallen on many magical creatures and her prayers were heard in the silence of the wood that day.  Plants grew with starry sparkles where her tears had landed and beautiful mosses grew where her small feet had touched.  Spreading, pulsing, and moaning.


At home some of her new duties had earned her the titles Cinder Girl and Cinder Ella as she was now expected bring coals from the fireplace and put them in trays under the beds to keep her new wicked family warm at night.  It was bad enough that the cinders were biting at her like flies and leaving little burn marks on her arms, they had to remind her daily she was no more than a slave.  Even though she hated the wretched voices of these women she found herself liking the way Cinderella sounded when she said it to herself.  She was even having fantasies of her wicked sisters pulling her hair and pushing their fingers into her holes at night when she laid down to sleep.  It wasn’t sweet like when she played with Gisela and had fantasies about the Prince, but it always made her cum hard when she touched herself at night.  She wondered if the Prince liked to do it hard like her sisters.  She wondered if he would stick his fingers or his thing in her ass too.  She even wondered what it would be like to see the Prince torture her sisters like they tortured her.  Her mind was going places it had never gone before since the girls started using her like a toy and treating her like a slave.  She didn’t know what to make of it; it scared her and it made her wet.



--------------------------------------< . >----------------------------------------



The day was coming.  The Mid Spring Festival and the Prince’s Ball would be here soon and Gwendolyn wouldn’t be able to help her daughter prepare.  She was sad and missed Ella, but she was happy too.  She finally had a man that treated her the way she was supposed to be treated.  She knew it in her soul.  If he kissed her she melted; if he pulled her hair she swooned.  Whatever he did to her was bliss that would take her to a nether world of ecstasy.   As sad as she was that Melvin had left Ella and went to the afterlife she was happy to know that the witch that had killed him had done it after having given him a time of the darkest pleasure. 


The other wives were quick to give her all the details.  They knew everything that went on in the King’s court.  Once they had accepted her they were without reserve, without jealousy.  She was one with them and him.  She was complete.  Janice, the redhead, the one who gave her the hardest time in the beginning was her treasure.  They would often make love until the birds sang songs in the morning long after everyone else had fallen asleep.  Her pale skin and curly hair made Gwendolyn excited for a woman in a carnal way.  When the sheriff had her put his throbbing cock into her ass once and Janice licked her pussy she had had the most powerful and explosive orgasm of her entire life.  She was embarrassed as she squirted great quantities of liquid onto Janice’s face.  They all laughed afterward but it was something she’d never forget.


Sharon the dark haired wife was the best to talk to.  She had wisdom.  Something profound like deep oceans in her eyes always made Gwendolyn feel safe and welcomed.  Secure.  At peace.  When she touched Gwendolyn it sent shivers down her spine and it definitely appeared that she had the same affect on everyone.  She found herself thinking that this woman seemed to be beyond the pettiness of the world.


Beth the chubby blonde was the most fun.  She was always laughing as if it were air to breath or food to eat.  She cried too but was never sad or angry for long.  Beth loved to talk to and carry on as every day was the best day or the last and there were things that she would do to the sheriff that none of the others would dare try like smack his ass as he walked by with his stern face or pinch him while he was pumping one of the other girls.  She seemed to be aware of the rules and not, at the same time.  But she always brought a smile to everyone’s eyes.  Gwendolyn wished she could share these women with Ella as Aunts or friends.  She knew that Ella would love each of them as she did.



--------------------------------------< . >----------------------------------------



Drizila and Anastasia were laughing at Cinderella as she walked by the room where they were trying on dress after dress in preparation for the Ball.  Lady Tremaine had made it clear that Ella would not be attending; something about her being small and scrawny and unappetizing.  Ella knew that even if she had to sneak and watch from the woods that she was going to go.


Lady Tremaine was in good spirits and was humming as she walked from the kitchen to check on the girls and their fitters.  As she walked in her humming came to a halt and she began yelling at the poor fitter that there wasn’t enough lace and glitter and the girdle wasn’t tight enough.  Ella laughed at the thought of the girdle being tied tight enough to turn Drizila purple. 


After the fitting Ella was made to go into the room and “Relax” the girls.  They pinched and smacked Ella around for a while then they laid back and had Ella lick them and put her small hands into their pussies.  They would moan and say that Ella had the most perfect Pussy hands but Ella would think to herself that these girls had monster pussies and imagine them with teeth and biting off her hands.  It was gruesome but Ella found herself amused by the sisters getting upset that she had gotten blood all over their things.  After they came she was permitted to go back to her room.  She wasn’t turned these days like she had been other time times.  All she could do, was think of the Ball.


The night was quiet and the smell of Spring was thick.  Ella’s thoughts were dark and haunting.  A breeze that sent a shiver up Ella’s spine entered the room and woke Ella to pull up her covers but after she covered herself she became hot and uneasy.  She threw the covers off and then her house dress.  She fell in and out of sleep and tossed and turned.  Then she dreamed.  In her dream there was moss growing all around her bed pulsing and glowing, moaning and singing.  It was so inviting and soft to look at that she got off her bed to stand on it.  When she did she was suddenly in the woods naked and walking on the moss surrounded by mist and an odd dusk light.  It was delightful and so she sat and then laid down on the soft green and closed her eyes.  She heard the voices of Angels but couldn’t understand what they were saying and then a deep man’s voice; it was so comforting and was telling her that she was special and the he would make her dreams come true.  He told her that he was her tender lover and that no one not even the Prince would love her the way he would.


He touched her; it was so soft like the moss and then his body came on top of her and she opened her legs.  His legs were bigger than hers and they pushed her legs even farther apart.  Without ever opening her eyes she sank into the pleasure as he kissed her neck, her ears, and her lips.  His tongue enterer her mouth and she could feel his hardening member touch her wet opening.  He asked her to tell him that she loved him and that she was his forever.  She did.  She ran her hands down his back to his buttocks and urged him to enter her.  She wanted him.  He obliged.  As his hard shaft entered her she again heard the Angels of the woods singing and crying.  She heard the crickets and the breeze; the frogs and creaking of trees.  She felt all the woods around her and she felt at home.  Her pussy was dripping and she was squeezing her arms around her lover’s back and her legs around his legs.  She was clenching her pussy around his cock and their grunts and moans became one with the sounds of the woods.  The earth around them began to glow and then lighting crashed all around them.  He collapsed on her, his weight was at once unbearable and comforting.  They breathed together deeper and deeper and then there was darkness.


When Ella opened her eyes she was in her room.  It was still night outside but there was a light coming from the dark woods out her window.  As she looked out to the woods the memory of the dream she had had came to her; she felt a warm sensation and felt aroused.  She slid her hands down to her opening and she was dripping.  She began to rub her bud and dip her fingers in and out of her wetness as she remembered the delicious dream of the woodsman, her dream lover.  She named him and called him Moss and then fell back to sleep.



--------------------------------------< . >----------------------------------------



The next day while Lady Tremaine and the girls were out shopping for the Ball a visitor came to Ella as she walked the small garden path behind her home.  It was a very tall woman whose hair was golden but had a hue of green.  She was so pleasant to look upon that Ella was immediately friendly with her.  “I am so happy to meet the Flower of the Woods” she said as an odd greeting when she was close to Ella.  Ella smiled and said, “Nice to meet you too.”  “I have come to grant you the wishes of your heart Ella.” She smiled with her eyes and Ella was beginning to feel swept into a dream.  “My master who you call Moss has sent me to you; I am your mother guardian of the Woods.”  All at once the dream came flooding back into Ella’s mind.  She thought she must still be dreaming and wondered if she’d wake up to her family. “No I am sorry I cannot turn back the clock nor do I have power over life and death Ella but I can change the present and affect the future if you are willing.” “Would you like to go to the Ball Ella?” “Oh yes!”  Ella heard herself say. “Please more than anything.”  “Then you shall.  Meet me here tomorrow night after your stepmother and sisters have left and I will prepare you.”


She still held Ella’s gaze as she bent forward to kiss Ella on the mouth.  Her kiss was soft and reminded her of Moss.  Then she kissed Ella’s neck and slid her hand over Ella’s breast.  The touch was tender and loving.  Ella felt warm and compelled to lay down on the grass to take a nap in the afternoon sun.



--------------------------------------< . >----------------------------------------



The noise was deafening and there were people everywhere.  The crowds of people working to ready the grounds of the palace for the Ball were three times as many as there were in the Castle preparing tables and seating and curtains and all sorts of decorations.  The smells from the kitchen and the pits outside were incredible.  There were soups and breads and roasted pigs and goats.  There were fruits being displayed in giant bowls and exotic flowers being placed everywhere.


Tristan was mulling about with his Mother and noting the decorations and talking small talk when he noticed the gardener’s daughter and he felt arousal for her.  He excused himself from his Mother and had a servant bring the girl to his quarters.  When she arrived he waved the servant off and as the door was closed the sounds of the palace fell away.  He looked at her and she lowered her eyes.  “Remove your clothes Little Flower” he said in a cold but friendly tone.  She liked that he called her Little Flower.  She did as she was told and began to remove her garments and lay them on the floor.  When she had finished he walk over to her and around her; inspecting her and gliding his hand over different parts of her body.  She held still for him and never looked up at him until he lifted her chin to gaze into her eyes.  He held her there for a moment before leaning down to kiss her.  He was soft at first and then harder as he moved his hand to the back of her neck and then he forced his long tongue into her mouth to probe her and lick at her teeth and lips.  “Delicious.” He said matter of factly.  His hand slid down between her breasts and to her belly button and then down between her legs.  “Open your legs for me Little Flower.” he said for the second time. And she spread her legs apart while standing so that he could touch her moistening sex.  She knew that she was getting wet while he was kissing her but the ease with which he slid his finger into her made her think that she must be dripping and she felt a little embarrassed but she didn’t dare move.  His cock was hard but he wanted to take his time and try out the new toys that he was preparing for his bride to be.


He left her then and walked over to another set of doors in the room that she figured was a closet but when he open the doors she saw a whole other room with chains hanging from the ceiling and large wooden chairs and other things which she didn’t understand.  As she looked at and past him into the room he motioned for her to come over and she walked to him in swift manner. “I was too fast with you last time and I’ve have decided that you are ready to have all of your fruits tasted.  I have also decided that you will be an Attendant to me and my new Princess.  I will begin your training now but will teach you many things in the years to come.  You will be the first of our Attendants and will even help to find and train other Attendants.”  He was warm and had been touching her hair and running his hand down her back.  “Yes my Lord.” She answered.  She was a good girl and would be easy to train he thought to himself, but that was no excuse not to teach her all the lessons.  “What is your name?” the Prince asked.  “Violet my Lord.” “Well there you are Violet; you are a Little Flower.”  He chuckled and she smiled.  “Violet my Little Flower.” He said his voice turning sinister.  “You see the bench there with the horns; I want you lean over it and grab the horns with both hands and don’t let go.”  She was indeed a good girl and did as she was told without hesitation.  She anticipated that he would fuck her again and was very wet and eager even though she had been sore for a few days after the last time in the shed but when she had grabbed the horns he smacked her ass with his hand so hard that she jumped and let go the horns to nurse the sting.  “Now my Little Flower didn’t I tell you not to let go?”  “Yes my Lord.” She said as a tear rolled down her cheek.  She was trying to be strong and not cry but was having a hard time.  “Now I will have to punish you.” She began to shake as he pointed to the wall and she saw for the first time all kinds of whips and paddles and ropes and even more things that she couldn’t comprehend. “Bring me one of the crops on the wall my Little Flower.”  She wanted to obey but her feet were stuck to the spot and without hesitation he smacked her other ass cheek and this time she didn’t try to nurse the sting; she understood that it meant move and she did.  She grabbed the first one that she could from the wall.  It was thin and she figured that if he was going to hit her with it, it wouldn’t hurt so much because it was so thin.  She gave it to him and bowed as she was used to handing someone of royalty anything and then quickly bent over the bench and grabbed the horns so as to be pleasing.  The young Prince smiled, hit the crop to the palm of his hand and then said. ”Count.”



--------------------------------------< . >----------------------------------------



Tristan’s mother had seen her son’s eager eye when he saw the young girl.  She had often thought that the gardener’s daughter was exceedingly beautiful and had hoped her son would choose her as an Attendant.  His discreet order to the servant to bring her to his chambers also didn’t go unnoticed and she was proud of her son’s good taste.  The thought of what naughty things her son might be doing to that delicious little morsel gave her new direction and she went to search for her King that she might please him or else she’d have to go find an excuse to have her own Attendants go to her chambers.


When she came upon the king he was seated at a small table sampling different deserts and he smiled to see her as she walked into the room.  When she saw him her heart beat stronger and her desire grew for him.  She bowed and then continued to walk toward were he sat.  All who saw her bowed and she dismissed them and asked for the small dining room to be cleared.  In seconds the room was quiet except for her beating heart and then she removed all of her clothes for her King to gaze upon her.  He smiled and tasted some of the fruits dipped in honey and then licked his fingers.


She truly was beautiful to behold and he loved her wanton and regal demeanor.  She lowered herself to her hands and knees and crawled to him all the while looking into his eyes until the table hid her from him.  He felt her hands reach for his thighs and then find his pulsing and not fully erect flesh.  He felt her open his trousers and reach for his organ and expose the object of her desire. He looked down at his lap to see her beautiful head of hair come up as she put his cock into her mouth.


She sucked him and licked him and cradled his balls with tender caresses.  He got harder and harder and she pushed the head to the back of her throat and sought to swallow him whole only to pull back up and lick and tease the shaft.  He moaned and stroked her hair and looked down at her and felt deep love for her.  She worked him with her mouth and her hand and pumped him for his royal seed; the desert that she would taste and devour.  When he came into her mouth she was careful not to let a drop escape, she sucked and licked him until he was clean.  The King pushed back his chair and took her hand to help her rise.  He kissed her mouth and took deep breaths to smell her scent and kissed her more.  He touched her body and felt her wetness and in one motion pushed plates to the side and sat her on the table.  He looked at her eyes and kissed her again and then he sat back down on his chair and lifted her legs over his shoulders and looked at the desert that would be his favorite.  Her pussy was glistening and he stuck his middle finger into her and she shuddered; then he pulled it out and put it into his mouth.  His eyes rolled and he savored her juices.


He kissed her inner thighs, her vulva and licked at her clit.  He gave her soft kisses and reached into her with his tongue.  The Queen’s head was thown back and her hips curled up to give her Lord all that he desired.  He wet his fingers in her and slipped them easily into her ass.  He ate and enjoyed and stretched her open and she was lost in the pleasure he gave her.  “Please my Lord.” Came unnecessarily from her lips, as he was also of the mind to fill her with his again hard cock.  Her pussy was his bliss and none compared; she gasped as he filled her and clenched tightly as he slid back out as if to say that she didn’t want to let him go. Then she began the rhythm of relaxing as he pushed and clenching as he pulled.  He was groaning and nearing his second climax but wanted to feel her ass so he pulled completely out and pushed into her royal behind.  Her deep grunt sent him over the edge and he began to pump his seed into her as he slammed his body against her. 



--------------------------------------< . >----------------------------------------



“Eleven.” she said sobbing.  Another thwack and then “Twelve.” Not once did she let go.  Violet’s ass was purple like the flower and Tristan was satisfied.  He didn’t want to overdo it.  This was a lesson about punishment not a real punishment.  Now it was time to play.  Violet had regretted grabbing this crop that moved so easily through the air and stung so much but she was eager to obey and didn’t want to delay so she listen to every breath and motion Tristan made; ready to do whatever he wanted.  He knelt behind her and put a palm on each of her cheeks.  It stung and she endured for him.  He spread her open began to kiss her nether regions softly and delicately.  He savored her scent and her musk and licked her from her clit to the round tight bud of her ass.  He slid his tongue in an out of her holes until she began to push back against his face and his hands against the pleasure and the pain.  She began to writhe and moan and when she was close to climax he eased away from her leaving her so close and unsatisfied.  He walked around the bench that she clung to.  She looked up at him as he put his hand under her chin and push the head of his raging hard-on against her mouth.  She opened and accepted the thick meat and he pushed slowly and deeper until it spread and push into her throat.  She pleaded with her eyes and he pulled out with the same slow deliberation.  He did the same over and over and faster and faster until he was fucking her mouth and throat with purpose and satisfaction.  Her mind had long left her and she was a senseless fuck toy.  When he tired he pulled out, his dick still hard and pulsing.


He grabbed her wrist and unclenched her hands from the horns.  Her knees were weak so he picked up the crop and smacked it across her thighs to pull her out of her stupor.  She jumped to attention and he led her over to the toy he was preparing for his bride to be, a woman he didn’t even know.  The suspense of it all was driving him and taunting him; who would he pick he thought; would it be someone tall and slender, voluptuous, exotic.  He knew she would be special whoever she was because he was special and deserved no less.  His new toy of pleasure and torment was fit for his new bride he thought but he wanted to have no doubt and would try it out on his new most favorite servant, his new Little Flower.  He thought about the things he would make her do to his new bride and how his little flower would please the future Queen.  He was floating on these wonderful thoughts and enjoying every moment of preparation.


After a couple of hours of trying his new toy he was satisfied and had cum 3 times into Violet.  He would make a small adjustment but it was everything he had hoped it would be.  He left her again, a used plaything dripping with his juices and went to bathe and revisit the Festival’s preparations.



--------------------------------------< . >----------------------------------------



The crowds of people were anticipated and the royal army was about in gala uniform with a watchful eye.  Aristocrat and commoners were permitted into the royal garden to be seen by the Royal family as they made their way to the feast.  The Prince had full view of every young lady of the Kingdom and of those who traveled from afar for a chance to form an alliance or marriage of lottery.  Some young women traveled with armed guard sworn to protect the virtue of their charges and others were obviously there to tempt the young prince with sensual delight.  There were also many young men who hoped to take advantage of the rejected and unhopeful. 


The Sheriff had his spies about looking for something special that he may have missed as the guests continued to arrive and the swarms of people moved through the grounds and the castle.  They would also act to let him know if the guard needed to remove or detain someone who wasn’t behaving themselves.  If it was a young damsel he would interrogate them later and if it were a young man he would have them removed from the festivities.

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