Sol2O for inland waterways


Sol2O was designed for water treatment plants that safeguard and maintain water supplies. The product was well met by the community as it could completely supply the energy used by most plants.  It would mean no trees where mowed down and also helps with evaporation.  

SnapRack - Light & Easy Solar Racking

Wont cut hands or Roof Material.  Doesnt't need padding or Ground Wire or Nuts or Bolts or Screws.  Assembles with a rubber mallet.

Modular Solar Awnings

Designed to cover parking lots we did get a request to cover cows in Pennsylvania.  The system will manage runoff and looks real nice.  Compared to what's available.

Solar Palm Trees

Designed to be a luxury statement in renewable energy. The trees can produce around 4kW of DC power.

Floating Farms

Designed to provide Energy, Aquaculture, Agriculture, and Fresh Water.

Flying Elevator:
Human Transport Drone

If you can carry a pizza.  You can carry a pizza delivery guy.

Giant Wooden Puzzle Platform

A whole new method for building loft beds, platforms, bunks and many more possible congurations.

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