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Rene Reyes, Design Engineer




Bio - Linkedin


René Reyes is the Founder Alquimi Innovations, LLC. He is a partner and CTO of Alquimi Solar. He has many business interests in new and emerging sustainable energy and is working towards an ambitious plan to implement vast renewable and Earth changing technology.


In addition to this, René is the inventor and developer for a radical new Dating Game for online dating called Karma the Game of Destiny.


René is an abstract conceptualist and also highly logical. He is a painter, sculptor, philosopher, dreamer and visionary but he’s also highly technical and inventive and able to realize his goals even with limited resources. René has been able to explore and learn and build and develop technology in an array of different business layers, small, medium and corporate, with companies like Time Warner Cable and The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention; and he'd just as well as design and build a tree house in the middle of Downtown NYC for clients looking for something unique.


Alquimi Innovations’ tagline is “ideas with good karma”. It’s about a long view. Lessons learned, enjoying the business, not just building something to work. It’s about doing great and wonderful things for the world. It’s a compassion for humanity coupled with an ability to formulate paths and intent to succeed, even when there are obstacles and we don’t always have all of the information. It’s an entrepreneur having finally figured out what he wanted to be when he grew up.


In a business colloquialism, its product development geared to elevating quality of life through technology and innovation.


王金, 设计工程师

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